Bootlegger’s Brewery’s Black Phoenix: a spicy, revved-up stout

As the weather starts to cool down and fall approaches, darker, heartier beers seem to be more of a treat to the palate than the lighter, crisper beers of summer. And since the buzz of summer still hasn’t quite worn off yet, what better way to experience a dark beer than pairing it with a little caffeine boost? Enter the Black Phoenix, a chipotle coffee stout.

This American-style stout uses roasted barley as well as oats to help round out its flavor. With the addition of chocolate malt, custom-roasted Arabica coffee, and chipotle peppers, Black Phoenix boasts a nice, subtle blend of unique flavors. The deep, dark (and sometimes overly) roasty flavors that many stouts exhibit are somewhat lost on this one due to the more-prevalent chocolate flavor, which non stout-drinkers can probably appreciate. Again, not overly-smoked or coffee-flavored, and the chipotle peppers add a mild spice and warmth which blends well with the other flavors in the beer.

According to the Brewery’s website, Black Phoenix is named after the concept of the mythical Phoenix rising from the fire. In this brew, the trio of coffee, chipotle peppers, and malted barley were formed by fire to create the Black Phoenix. And, of course, black is a nod to its dark color.

One important thing to note: In addition to this tasty ale being brewed in Fullerton, the coffee was roasted by Orange County coffee proprietors, Kean Coffee, lending it both freshness and that local touch.

Black Phoenix, and other Bootlegger’s beer, is available throughout Orange County. For more info on where to find them, visit their website’s beer finder.



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