Super Bowl Super Beers

Super Bowl is a fantastic time to enjoy tasty food, relaxing with friends or family, and of course, watching the game. But there is one key element of Super Bowl Sunday that is arguably the most important, and it’s evident in all the marketing dollars that go into promoting it during those famous (or infamous) commercials… the beer!

Luckily you don’t have to sacrifice your taste buds to the mass-produced and mass-advertised brews (who could ever forget the Budweiser frogs?) to enjoy a delicious beer on Sunday. If you check out my recommendations below, you can likely find a locally-available craft beer for the occasion, and trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

All Day Drinking Brews – think lagers or hefeweizens if you’ll be throwing back more than a few:

Brews That Pair Well With Appetizers – those buffalo wings and nachos will taste spicier or milder depending on your beer choice:

  • See my post entitled “Winter Recipe: Chili and beer pairing” for more pairing ideas

Celebratory Brews – great for sipping if your team is playing or winning, and they pair with just about anything:

  • Try a Dubbel or Tripel Ale like Left Coast Brewing Company’s Asylum (reviewed in my 12 Beers of Christmas post) or Abita’s Abbey Ale. Both are available at BevMo.

Beer Game Brews – for flip cup, beer pong, etc… stick with the mass-produced. You wouldn’t want to waste a good beer on a quick game, now would you?

  • Budweiser, Miller, or Coors
  • Corona or Corona Light

*Please check respective websites for locations, availability, and pricing.

Enjoy, and may your favorite team win!


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