(2009) 12 Beers of Christmas, beer 10: The Bruery’s 2 Turtle Doves

Our next brew follows the traditional 12 days of Christmas sequence, and being the second in the series following 2008’s Partridge in a Pear Tree, it is rightfully named 2 Turtle Doves. Brewed by The Bruery (their name is a blend of “brewery” and their family name, Rue) in Placentia, 2 Turtle Doves categorically falls somewhere between a dark strong ale and an imperial porter. True to their style, The Bruery uses unconventional ingredients in this delicious winter ale, brewing it with cocoa nibs, caramelized sugar, toasted pecans, and caramel malts. Apparently their inspiration for the recipe came from “turtle” candy (think chocolate, nuts, and caramel), and the flavors complement each other amazingly in this winter warmer.

According to tasters, 2 Turtle Doves gives off an aroma of chocolate, rum, cherries, and other dark fruit. Similarly, the taste renders flavors of bitter chocolate, nuts, caramel, cherries, rum-soaked dark fruits, burnt caramel, and toasted nuts, making it a wonderful addition to your Christmas lineup. Its 12% ABV gives it a thick mouthfeel, with a sweet, yet dry, warming finish. This high alcohol content also helps it to age beautifully, with the original intent being that it will last until the final beer in the series is brewed. Like other Belgian-style ales, 2 Turtle Doves is suggested to be served in a tulip glass for a maximum taste and aroma enjoyment experience. It is currently on tap at The Bruery’s tasting room and elsewhere during the Christmas season, and is also available in 750-mL bottle form throughout SoCal.

For information on where to find this tasty Christmas brew, or to read up on their other unique beers, please visit The Bruery’s website.



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