(2009) 12 Beers of Christmas, beer 2: Karl Strauss’ Fullsuit Belgian-Style Brown Ale

The next beer in our countdown, Karl Strauss’ Fullsuit Belgian-Style Brown Ale, is aptly named because of the fact that, according to the brewers, you know it’s winter in Southern California when the surfers paddle out in their full wetsuits. Thus, the Fullsuit is a perfect Christmas beer, designed to help warm you during those cold SoCal winter nights.

The Fullsuit is a mahogany-brown colored, medium-bodied beer, with the unmistakable taste of a Belgian, due to the Belgian yeast strain used to ferment the brew. It also has some tasty vanilla and oak flavors, which result from it being aged with French oak chips. These flavors complement the underlying maltiness of the brown and caramel malts, and the slightly peppery taste of the Belgian yeast.

The Fullsuit is available on tap now at all Karl Strauss restaurants, and if you order it, you’ll have it served to you in a goblet (see picture). It’s a perfect beer to drink during those big games where appetizers and beer are all you need to get you through dinner and dessert. For Happy Hour, the Fullsuit will pair well with Karl’s Firecracker and Buffalo Chicken Double Stack, as well as the Nachos with a chicken topper. For a meal, expect the Fullsuit to pair perfectly with steaks, chops, and hearty dishes that incorporate mushrooms, as well and anything bbq’d like ribs, smoked tri-tip, etc.

The Fullsuit is unique in the fact that it’s only Karl’s second ever seasonal brew available in bottle form (the first being Oktoberfest). So, now you can also enjoy your winter warmer in the location of your choosing. You’ll find that the Fullsuit maintains its flavor and complexity no matter what kind of pairing you put it up against, and its inviting flavors will remind you of a warm fire, winter weather, and happy holiday memories.

Don’t miss out on sampling the Fullsuit – it’s is a limited release (available from December through February) and a great Christmas beer. For more info, visit the Karl Strauss website atwww.karlstrauss.com.



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