(2009) 12 Beers of Christmas, beer 3: Backstreet Brewery’s Schoenwald Brun

The next beer in our countdown is not only a delicious Belgian ale, but it also exemplifies one of the basic characteristics of the Christmas season: giving.

Backstreet Brewery’s Schoenwald Brun is a perfect example of the joyful giving associated with Christmas, as a portion of each pint sold at the brewery is donated towards Tami Shoenwald’s cancer treatment. As the story goes, in 2008 Tami (the brewer’s wife) was diagnosed with cancer, and the staff at Backstreet wanted to do something to help. So, they decided to give $2 of each Brun sold to help out with Tami’s medical expenses. While this beer is only available at full-price (no Happy Hour discounts) in pint or mug form (no growlers or pitchers), it’s totally worth it and supports a good cause.

Subsequently, for a limited time at Backstreet Brewery locations, you can show some Christmas spirit and give to someone in need. That’s not to say you won’t be getting anything back, though. This tasty Belgian is dark, warming, and delicately spiced, for an amazing taste that Belgian aficionados out there will really appreciate… especially during these cold and stormy winter nights. The Brun has the malty sweet taste you’d expect from a Belgian ale sporting some candy sugars, along with a touch of added winter spice.

Without a doubt the Schoenwald Brun is a welcome addition to the house taps at Backstreet and will pair nicely with a hearty sausage pizza or the appetizer sampler with its spicy wings and fried mozzarella sticks, both available at the adjoining Lamppost Pizza. The Brun lacks the dry finish and deep brown color of say, Karl Strauss’ Fullsuit Belgian-Style Brown Ale, but shares the same characteristic Belgian yeast flavor that makes for a perfect Christmas brew.

In the search for a beer that exemplifies the Christmas spirit, the Schoenwald Brun does not disappoint in keeping you warm, healthy, and enjoying the holiday.


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