(2009) 12 Beers of Christmas, beer 8: Left Coast Brewing Company’s Asylum

Do you need a little peace amidst all the chaos at this time of year? The motto on the back of our next brew’s label reads “Vrede op aarde,” which means “Peace on Earth,” and what better phrase to epitomize the Christmas season than the phrase the angels spoke that very first Christmas so long ago?

Aptly named, Left Coast Brewing Company’s Asylum may not create peace on earth, but it will give you a retreat in the sanctuary of its deliciously smooth Belgian flavors. As you may or may not know, Left Coast (out of San Clemente) is the public distribution arm of Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Co., and Asylum just happens to be their 2nd most popular brew.

A Belgian Style Tripel Ale weighing in at 11% ABV, this is not a brew for the light-hearted. Although Asylum pours a beautiful golden color, its light body can be deceiving as it masks the high alcohol content that the brew boasts. Its aroma is sweet and spicy on the nose, with the typical fruity Belgian yeast flavors throughout. Like many other Belgians, Asylum is perfect as an aperitif or dessert beer, or paired with grilled meats and savory sauces that offset its sweetness. No matter how you enjoy it, this beer will definitely warm your tummy and your soul, providing you a calming refuge from a long day of Christmas shopping.

Asylum is available in 22oz bottles and kegs, and is distributed throughout SoCal, NorCal, Arizona, Philadelphia, and Long Island. For more info, check out the Left Coast website. To try their other brews, visit an Oggi’s near you!


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