Brewpub review: Ocean Avenue Restaurant and Brewery in Laguna Beach

Ocean Brewing Company in Laguna Beach may be somewhat untraditional for a brewpub, but what they do, they do well. The décor is very Laguna, with eclectic artwork displayed on the walls. The food is delicious and reasonable, with an extensive Italian/Mediterranean-themed menu to order from. The cocktails are creative and interesting, and the brews on tap (though few) are unique. They also have Happy Hour specials on food and drinks from 3-7 on weekdays, and open as a club later in the evening on most nights.

Although there are only (literally) a few house brews to choose from, their offerings do boast some distinctive flavors. The Watchtower Wheat is an amber-colored wheat ale, with a sweet aroma and flavor. It is more of an American-style wheat ale, lacking the banana notes of its German sister beer. The Dragon Spit IPA is, according to the brewers, “a classic British style ale with a twist.” It packs a lot of hop flavor, and a higher alcohol content, like most IPAs. They are both solid beers, although the wheat, naturally, is more of a session beer.

The best part about their lack of house brews on tap? It gives you an excuse to try one of their delicious cocktails!

For more info on Ocean Brewing, or for a peek at their menu, visit their website.



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