Thank goodness it’s (almost) Thursday! Thursday cask beer night at Karl Strauss

Every Thursday at Karl Strauss in Costa Mesa (and all other Karl Strauss locations) a small batch of specially-crafted brew is tapped from a cask and served at happy hour prices all night… or until the cask runs out.

If you haven’t sampled cask-conditioned brew, you should certainly check this unique opportunity out. Not only is the price great ($4.00 a pint!), but beer that is cask-conditioned has more flavor and is smoother than your typical draft beer.

Similar to bottle-conditioned beer, cask-conditioned beer is not pasteurized or filtered. And, because the yeast in the beer in both these methods remains active, it produces natural carbonation without the help of carbon dioxide or nitrogen pressurization tanks.

Cask-conditioned beer is considered “real ale,” because traditionally beer was matured in wooden barrels, also called casks, where it underwent secondary fermentation and was then served straight from the barrel.

Today, because of quality and practicality reasons (oxygen staling the beer to name one) stainless steel casks are used. Cask beer is drawn from the cask using a traditional siphon pump that pulls the beer from the cask rather than pushing it out using pressure. Expect a slightly warmer and less carbonated pour that will help you appreciate the subtle flavors of the secondary fermentation.

Join in on the fun this Thursday!


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