Unique beer flavors: chocolate brews, part 1

Bring Back The Dirty German!

It’s that time again… crisp fall air, diluted sunshine, football, and dark beer. The light, refreshing beers of summer no longer seem as desirable as they were just a few weeks ago when the thermometer was still pushing triple-digits. Now my cravings turn towards the heartier brews, with full-bodied tastes that remind me why I love beer.

As this autumn season passes, I am fondly reminded of a delicious dark wheat ale I tasted last year and have kept in my memory ever since: The Dirty German. The waitress at Backstreet Brewery Ladera Ranch, where the beer was brewed, described it as a chocolate hefeweizen. Needless to say, that was enough of a description for me to order a pint. And I was not disappointed. The chocolate flavor was definitely present, along with the banana taste I love in German-style hefeweizens, and some dark coffee notes to balance out the sweetness. A definite winner in my book.

Sadly, though, as Backstreet Brewery reminds us on their website, they “brew [their] beer in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.” While this is great for the variety and taste of their ever-changing taps, it was not so great for The Dirty German. The next time I visited Backstreet, The German was gone. So, my charge to Backstreet is this: Bring Back The Dirty German! And please, make two batches this time!


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