Unique beer flavors: chocolate brews, part 2

Another chocolate brew… sort of.

Although Ernest’s Silky Smooth is not technically a chocolate beer, for all intents and purposes it’s close enough. The brew in question comes from Pizza Port in San Clemente, which is just a short (and worthy) drive to the south end of the Orange County border.

Many beer lovers automatically associate the roasted malt flavors of most stouts with dark chocolate and coffee, and the delicious flavors of Ernest’s Silky Smooth are no different. Although complex, it is not too heavy or too roasted (as some stouts, and definitely porters, can be), and it has a creamy taste, rather than being bitter. In other words, it lives up to its name… silky smooth.

North OC beer aficionados need more of a reason to make the drive? This brew won a Gold medal in the Oatmeal Stout category of this year’s Great American Beer Festival in Colorado. That means it’s certifiably drinkable and delicious. Also, Pizza Port has a variety of tasty pizzas and amazing brews (both in-house and guest beers) on tap for your dining and drinking pleasure. You won’t regret the trip.


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