Unique beer flavors: chocolate brews, part 3

The “Chocolate Truffle” Beer Cocktail

The next chocolate brew in our series was inspired by last Friday’s weekly beer tasting at BevMo Ladera Ranch, where Mike coincidentally was pouring Young’s Double Chocolate Stout as part of the flight. According to many beer lovers, if you’re searching for the gold-standard of chocolate brews, Young’s is it. After sampling the rich, cocoa-flavored brew, I had to agree. I was also reminded of the “Chocolate Truffle” (or “Youngberry Chocolate”) beer cocktail I’ve so often heard about, and I decided to bring some ingredients home to make my own.

This enticing beer cocktail is composed of equal parts Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and Lindeman’s Framboise Lambic, a concoction more like dessert than beer. On its own, each beer is delicious, drinkable, and natural- tasting – the Young’s being brewed with real chocolate flavor and the Lindeman’s with real raspberries. Together, the fruity sourness of the lambic is balanced out by the dark chocolate flavors of the stout, complementing each other rather than cancelling each other out. In my opinion, this drink is a dream-come-true for a sweet-tooth or a non-beer drinker. For the brew aficionado more inclined to beer in its natural state, the whole idea of a so-called beer cocktail may be somewhat blasphemous.

If you do want to give this raspberry chocolate beer blend a try, you can find the ingredients at most decent liquor/beer shops, including BevMo (see website for OC locations) and Hi-Time in Costa Mesa. You can also visit Yard House (with locations throughout Orange County), where the “Youngberry Chocolate” is a standard on their beer menu.

Let me know what you think!


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