Perfect summertime brew: Windansea Wheat

Summer is here, which means it’s officially time to ditch the hoodies and long pants in favor of flip-flops, bathing suits, and lighter beers! Although we are spoiled here in Cali with sunny skies most of the year, the onset of June still brings with it the magic of summertime fun. And this is great news for light-colored beer drinkers.

While many of you know I’m a huge dark beer fan, I also love the tasty refreshment of a delicious wheat beer. Apparently I’m not alone – wheat beers are now the 4th most popular style in California, according to the Brewers Association. One of my personal faves is Bavarian-style hef, and I’m super excited about Karl Strauss’ Windansea Wheat, which is now available in bottles for the first time ever… perfect timing for summer!

Until now, Karl wasn’t able to bottle the popular beer because there simply wasn’t enough room in the brewery. With the recent brewery expansion and addition of several new 240-barrel fermentation tanks, there is now enough capacity to brew this authentic Bavarian hef year-round in kegs, 6 packs and 12 packs.

The 5.1% ABV award winner (Gold at the 2010 LA County Fair and Silver at the 2011 CA St. Fair Commercial Craft Brew Competition) is brewed with 50% white malted wheat and Noble Tettnanger hops to balance out the sweetness. A centuries-old weissbier yeast strain creates a complex and refreshing flavor profile of sweet banana, spicy clove, and fragrant vanilla. Refreshingly smooth and unfiltered, no lemon needed!

Windansea Wheat will be available in bottles and on draft beginning June 2012 at select retailers across California. For more info, visit For ratings, check out Beer Advocate, Rate Beer, and Untappd.



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