Fun at Karl Strauss 4S Ranch

Looking back at some pictures recently, I realized I never wrote about my tasty trip down to the newest Karl Strauss brewery in 4S Ranch (master planned community in north inland San Diego). Even with some rush-hour traffic, it took just over an hour to get there, and it was totally worth the drive.

Karl’s 7th brewery restaurant opened at the end of July 2012, and is the first one to open in over 10 years. I would describe the décor as urban chic, with a mix of metal, concrete, stone, and reclaimed wood filling the 8000+ sq ft space. The indoor/outdoor vibe is definitely there, too, with huge garage doors that roll up, opening the inside dining room up to the cool outdoor fire pit and seating area (where we sat and could still see the inside action). And, of course, the “West Coast pub” food and award-winning brews are consistent with the other KS locations, meaning they are always fresh and delicious!

4S Ranch 4


4S Ranch 3

Excited to take my bombers home for later…

4S Ranch 2

Dining Area, 4S Ranch (Photo – Karl Strauss)

4S Ranch

New brewery restaurant, 4S Ranch (Photo – Karl Strauss)

Now if only they would open one just a little bit closer to Ladera Ranch…


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