Valiant Brewing Company in Orange: the new, ale-friendly kid in town

OC beer lovers, there’s a new craft brewery in town! On February 9, Valiant Brewing Company in Orange opened their doors, offering the public the opportunity to taste their unique lineup of brews. Behind this exciting endeavor is the husband and wife team of Brian and Kelly Schroepfer, who are channeling their former drag racing lifestyle into full-blown beer making.

According to their website, Brian (a graduate of the Master Brewers Program in 2010) and Kelly both graduated with degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Cal State Long Beach. After working in the aerospace industry and race car business, a devastating fire forced a career reevaluation, and ultimately a change. Lucky for us, they are now completely focused on producing awesome beer!

Dubbing their niche style the “Ale Specialist,” Valiant provides an impressive array of ales over 8% (including an English Barleywine and Imperial IPA), as well as easy-drinking session beers and seasonal offerings. Personally, I’m most excited about the Mighty Maximus, a true-to-style English bitter with 3.6% ABV. The ultimate session beer! Valiant is currently open for tastings on Saturdays from 12-9pm.

Check out their website at for more information on what they’re pouring and how to find them.



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