Posted in July 2013

New Karl Strauss Tasting Room

In honor of the grand opening of Karl Strauss’ new tasting room at main brewery in Pacific Beach last night, I wanted to share a bit about our ‘sneak peek’ experience hanging out there a couple weeks ago. Here’s a little background: for the first time in its 20-plus year history, Karl is opening up … Continue reading

Extract vs. All Grain Brewing

We tried an all grain (no malt extract) recipe for the first time last week and learned some things. We still have yet to finish fermenting the summer wheat brew so we aren’t sure how it will turn out yet but I think our noble attempt could be improved, albeit our equipment was not really … Continue reading

Why We Keg Our Homebrews

By now we have had our home brewed ales going primarily into kegs for the past 6 months. It seems everyone starts with bottles and if they brew enough eventually finds the value in kegging and pouring home brews from a tap. Well there are some advantages that made the decision the right one for … Continue reading