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Perfect summertime brew: Windansea Wheat

Summer is here, which means it’s officially time to ditch the hoodies and long pants in favor of flip-flops, bathing suits, and lighter beers! Although we are spoiled here in Cali with sunny skies most of the year, the onset of June still brings with it the magic of summertime fun. And this is great … Continue reading

Unique beer flavors: chocolate brews, part 1

Bring Back The Dirty German! It’s that time again… crisp fall air, diluted sunshine, football, and dark beer. The light, refreshing beers of summer no longer seem as desirable as they were just a few weeks ago when the thermometer was still pushing triple-digits. Now my cravings turn towards the heartier brews, with full-bodied tastes … Continue reading

Unique beer flavors: chocolate brews, part 2

Another chocolate brew… sort of. Although Ernest’s Silky Smooth is not technically a chocolate beer, for all intents and purposes it’s close enough. The brew in question comes from Pizza Port in San Clemente, which is just a short (and worthy) drive to the south end of the Orange County border. Many beer lovers automatically associate the … Continue reading

Unique beer flavors: chocolate brews, part 3

The “Chocolate Truffle” Beer Cocktail The next chocolate brew in our series was inspired by last Friday’s weekly beer tasting at BevMo Ladera Ranch, where Mike coincidentally was pouring Young’s Double Chocolate Stout as part of the flight. According to many beer lovers, if you’re searching for the gold-standard of chocolate brews, Young’s is it. After sampling … Continue reading

The search for the perfect red ale

The red ale was actually one of the first craft brew styles in the US, and it allowed brewers to try something different without being too difficult to master. Red can encompass a broad spectrum of hues in everyday life, but in the beer world the term refers to countless varieties of flavors and colors … Continue reading