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New Karl Strauss Tasting Room

In honor of the grand opening of Karl Strauss’ new tasting room at main brewery in Pacific Beach last night, I wanted to share a bit about our ‘sneak peek’ experience hanging out there a couple weeks ago. Here’s a little background: for the first time in its 20-plus year history, Karl is opening up … Continue reading

Fun at Karl Strauss 4S Ranch

Looking back at some pictures recently, I realized I never wrote about my tasty trip down to the newest Karl Strauss brewery in 4S Ranch (master planned community in north inland San Diego). Even with some rush-hour traffic, it took just over an hour to get there, and it was totally worth the drive. Karl’s … Continue reading

Road trip: Big Bear Mountain Brewery

For us OC locals who like to get away every once in a while, Big Bear offers a perfect escape to enjoy snowboarding in the winter and water sports in the summer. Lucky for beer lovers, it also offers a quaint little brewery where you can sample some tasty beer and delicious grub. Big Bear … Continue reading